The little moments of my life

Hello again! How was your week girls? If you read my blog post from last week you know that I didn’t have to go to work and this week was also free, cause apparently there was nothing to work on, so this week was also super chilled for me. I had time for myself, also on weekend I visited my family in Kaunas again.  Here are some snaps from my week. Hope you’ll like it!
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1.     My morning snack on Monday (Latte, Grapefruit juices made by Dr. Oz’s recipe, avocado with healthy crackers and dessert curd, which has less calories). 2. My little corner where I like to sit with my laptop and to do all the work.
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1.     My outfit on Tuesday: classical black pants and a simple cardigan that kept me warm.  2. My dinner on Tuesday: tortilla pizza. If you don’t want to make pizza dough, just take tortilla and add everything you want on top of it.
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1.     The weather on Wednesday was amazing and somehow these rooftops and architecture in Vilnius reminds me of Paris a little bit. Don’t you think so too? 2. My outfit on Wednesday. This navy dress is from H&M, it’s my favourite one and this fun jacket is from New Yorker.
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1.     Selfie time on Thursday. 2. On Friday I went back to my hometown Kaunas and on the weekend I also visited my Grandma and Grandpa, so I photographed these lovely flowers in their garden.
 photo PicMonkey Collage8_zpsmxdwoytx.png
1.     – 2. More beautiful flowers in my Grandparent’s garden. I love love love succulents, they are my favourite plants and I really want to buy some and grow them in my apartment.
 photo PicMonkey Collage7_zps0yaobbaa.png
1.     That’s Sidas and me. I didn’t think that it could be really challenging to take a picture with your dog. He was more interested in other things. 2. Back in Vilnius again. So on Sunday my boyfriend and I got some sweet stuff to eat. These are cheesecakes with ├ęclairs, Belgian waffles and Lithuanian dessert called “Tinginys”, in English it would called “sluggard”. I ate only one piece of that cheesecake and I decided to eat my Belgian waffle in the morning with my coffee.


This past week was quite laid back, because I had two free days, when I didn’t need to go to work. I was so happy about it, I really needed some free time, since I don’t have enough to finish some of my blog post and I also really want to blog more. Blogging is becoming like my lifestyle, so today I decided to share the moments of my past week with you girls. I would like to do these kinds of blog posts every week, so tell me in the comments if you would be interested in that? =)
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1.   – 2. I was preparing smoothies every morning this week. This one that you see contains: almond milk, spinach and frozen fruits (banana, oranges, kiwi, melon, raspberries and blueberries). Yum yum!
3.   I ate some sweets on Monday. Don’t worry, these gummies were not only for me, actually they all were for my boyfriend, I just stole some. My favourite gummies are the sour one.
4.   Tortillas for dinner on Monday. I also have to mention that from this week I promised myself to eat more healthier, especially to eat more fruits and more vegetables. Despite those gummies, I was pretty good this week. I sticked with my plan and I can say that I’m really proud of myself.
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1.   – 2. On the same Monday evening I took a relaxing bath, lighted some candles and pampered myself with the face mask, also I used soap and glory goodies to make my skin soft and smooth (The scrub of your life exfoliator and Butter yourself moisturiser). 3. As you can see I had some face masks to choose from, but the winner was – cucumber mask, which suppose to refresh your face.
 photo PicMonkey Collage5_zpsy8rytgms.png
1.   My little OOTD on Tuesday. 2. On Tuesday the weather was super amazing and I had some work to do in the city center, so I walked a lot and also I had ability to take some nice pictures. I love how everything is so green now.
 photo PicMonkey Collage6_zpssmh4mnw8.png
1.   Lilacs are also blooming. They smell very nice. 2. The park in the Vilnius city center.
 photo PicMonkey Collage7_zpsndhsusip.png
1.   – 2. An amazing view of the city. I began to fall in love with Vilnius, it’s a really beautiful city.
 photo PicMonkey Collage10_zpsdxyulmg2.png
1.   For Tuesday dinner I made chicken salads with the homemade avocado sauce. It was healthy and also yummy. 2. I also made Dr. Oz’s recommended swimsuit slim down drink, which is made from grapefruit juices, you should also add one teaspoon of honey and two teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. If you love grapefruits, you will also love this drink. It’s also great after your workout, you can also drink it before every meal – it breaks down fat cells faster than anything else.
 photo PicMonkey Collage11_zpsqeejjfpl.png
1.   On Wednesday I bought some flowers – these are Lilies of the Valley. They smell amazing and look very cute in this vase. 2. I also made some pictures for my new blog post about Essence makeup products. You can find it here.
 photo PicMonkey Collage12_zpsq6njp1bm.png
1.  On Thursday I had a day off and decided to try a new smoothie, which also was very delicious (it contains: hazelnut milk, low-fat yoghurt, spinach, banana, kiwi, oranges and nectarines). This smoothie kinda match my outfit.=) 2. Also I had to edit some pictures with Photoshop and to finish my blog post.
 photo PicMonkey Collage14_zpsimuzs1uh.png
1.   A Friday trip with train to my hometown Kaunas. I decided to spend my weekend with my family in Kaunas city. It is my hometown and I miss it a lot. 2. I was really hungry after my trip, since I didn’t eat lunch that day, so I came to my favourite healthy food restaurant. I chose Caesar salads witch contained about 400 kcal, well that was written in the menu. I love how restaurant gives that kind of information, so you can really know how much calories are in your food.
 photo PicMonkey Collage17_zpsl6vnnemv.png
1. Visited beauty salon and here is my new haircut and hair color, which is ombre and I have to say that I really love it. 2. Back in Vilnius and for Sunday dinner – Sushi. Tasty!

Essence goodies

Hi lovelies,

Another day, another blog post. There is no surprise that today’s post also includes Essence makeup products. I mentioned the reason in my latest blog post, which you can find here. I hope you will not get bored, cause there will be much more reviews.

Today’s post includes very fun and colourful products from Essence. The colours in these pictures remind me of the summer very much! And summer time is just around the corner. Are you waiting for it as much as I do? Let me know in the comments =). Now let’s read some reviews! Hope you’ l like it.

 photo DSC_00571_zpsyvvj5cfn.jpg
| Essence Sun club 2 in 1 bronzing powder |
Bronzing Powder, which contains a matte bronzer and a highlighter, which are merged together.  This product is my favorite of all that are mentioned here. I use this powder to contour my face. I use it on my cheek bones, along my hairline, on my nose and my neck. It gives very nice, subtle bronzed look. It seems that sun kissed my face a little bit, but not too much. Also the highlighter helps to create that glowy and healthy look.  It’s really an amazing product, which doesn’t cost much.
 photo DSC_00531_zps6z72pqs6.jpg  photo DSC_00591_zpsrkz9afpj.jpg  photo DSC_00551_zpsfswmxpgl.jpg
| Essence silky touch blush in 20 baby doll (darker one) and the other (sadly, couldn't find the name)|
I’m not a big fan of blushes in general. I use them very rarely and don’t have much of selection, so these babies were added to my makeup collection. I tried them, but I don’t use them on the every day basis, since my best friend became a bronzer. Anyway, I have to say that I really liked these blushes, they both have a peachy undertone, but one is a little bit darker and other is lighter. In my opinion, they are perfect for summer.

| Powder brush |
Love it! How cute it is? This brush is very soft and very good for a budget friendly item.

| Big eye shadow applicator |
This brush somehow looks a little bit funny to me. It’s bigger than normal eye shadow applicator, it’s very beautiful, but I just don’t know the purpose, I mean small applicator is also good enough to apply eye shadows=).

| Glossy lip balm in raspberry sorbet |
This actually tastes like something sweet. It’s a little bit more suitable for teenagers in my opinion. When I was a teenager I really loved that kind of lip balms. It doesn’t give you any colour, but it tastes really good, and no, I don’t eat my lip balm, but you can feel the taste. Somehow it reaches my receptors.
 photo DSC_01411_zps1vmfh4d6.jpg  photo DSC_01431_zpsw5visjc7.jpg  photo DSC_01301_zps8n32hcin.jpg
| Essence pure skin anti-spot mousse make-up in 01 matte beige |
I have to say that I have never tried mousse powder or mousse foundation before. So I was little bit curious about this one. It’s very soft, very lightweight foundation, it doesn’t look cakey on your face, you don’t feel that you are wearing a foundation, so that’s a big plus. I don’t have a lot of spots, so I am not quite sure how it will cover them. The only downside is that I have dry patches on my face and since this foundation is matte, I feel that those patches showing a little bit more on my skin. I mean I have this problem probably with all foundation, with some of them it looks a little bit better and with others it doesn’t look very nice. Also as it comes to foundations, I like to use high-end products, cause I feel that they have a better quality.
 photo DSC_01511_zpspjih4pit.jpg
| Essence mono eye shadow in 15 hazel me not! |
Loved this one. Is a simple light brown colour, which is suitable for the everyday use. The only thing is that I prefer eye shadow palettes where you everything have in one place and those mono eye shadows tend to hide at the back of my drawer.

That’s it and Thank you for reading!

Review: Princess mascaras by Essence

Hi lovelies,

I’m here again with a new review! As I mentioned in my other blog post (here), Essence sent me a package full with their products (I shared a picture on my instagram, which you can find here), they wanted me to try their products and I’m really happy that they let me to write my honest opinion. That’s a big plus and I fell big respect for a makeup brand, which really wants to know people's opinion, to grow and improve their brand.
I also want to inform you, that there will be many more reviews which will include Essence makeup products. So if you are interested in that, keep on waiting for that good stuff that’s coming=)).
Anyway, let’s get down to the business.

Today I’m reviewing two Essence mascaras – Essence lash princess volume mascara and Essence lash princess false lash effect mascara. Below you can find all detailed information about these mascaras and also my opinion about them.
 photo DSC_04771_zpscbfqgtcl.jpg  photo DSC_05201_zpsxo58r590.jpg

| Essence lash princess volume mascara |
What it says in the description: royal! The lash princess mascara with a specially shaped cobra-head wand covers each individual lash to create dramatic volume and a gorgeous, sweeping look. For intensive fluttering lashes. Just as unique as any princess, the mascara is presented in a beautiful evening gown.

My opinion: This mascara is my favorite! I really love this unusual cobra model brush. Somehow it gives and amazing effect on my lashes. They look much longer, like I’m wearing false lashes, also it gives more body to them, they become more fuller, so my eyes really stand out. The curl also stays all day for me. The mascara is buildable, but you have to be careful, cause the more you swipe it along your lashes the more it tends to become clumpy and sticky. In general I think its amazing and budget friendly mascara. It just shows that you don’t need to buy those expensive ones if you want your lashes to look nice.
 photo DSC_05501_zps493zp9za.jpg

| Essence lash princess false lash effect mascara |
What it says in the description: royal sister! There’s a fabulous addition to the family of lash princess mascaras in black. The special, conic shape of the fiber brush provides lashes with length and dramatic volume as well as a false-lash effect. And just like her sister, the packaging of the drama queen is decorated with a gorgeous evening dress – this time in black-mint. Princess (ence) deluxe!

My opinion: This mascara is also great, but I prefer the other one. It also gives your lashes that false lash effect, but it only gives the length for my lashes. I love when mascara also gives some volume and thickness. Without paying attention to this it is still quite impressive for a budget friendly mascara.
 photo DSC_05051_zps6cwe3vic.jpg  photo DSC_04683_zpsp9lehioz.jpg
So that’s all for today girls. Tell me in the comments what you think? Did you try these mascaras?=) Let me know!

Xoxo, SimonaMoona