Review: Skincare Products by Garnier

Hi lovelies,

Since I was a teenager I loved Garnier skincare products very much. Don’t get me wrong, I still love this brand, but I’m becoming a grown up women, my skin is changing, now it needs more care than ever. You know, with age your skin is also ageing up. So, for this reason now I tend to buy products from other brands, but when I spot new products from Garnier, I like to try them. Some time ago I spotted this new Garnier Miracle Skin Cream for your face and eyes. I couldn’t resist and decided to buy this set when I was Berlin. I was using everything for some time now, so I can tell my genuine opinion about these products.
I also think that skincare is the most important thing, it’s more important than makeup. If you have beautiful skin and take care of her every day, then you don’t need to wear that much makeup.

Anyway, let’s get to business, here is my little review! Hope you’ll like it! Tell me if you have tried these products which I mentioned here!?=)
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| Garnier Miracle Skin cream |
It’s an anti-aging face cream with self-adjusting formula.  It definitely has a perfecting effect on the skin. The product comes out like a white moisturizer that transforms into a skin-color once you start to blend it. It has a little bit of coverage, but it’s enough for me. I do have a little bit of redness on my cheeks and this cream covers it very well. It’s perfect for those days then you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup, but still want your skin to look nice. It's also very moisturizing and my skin feels moisturized all day when I wear this.  The only thing that I don't like about this product is the smell. It has a very strong, heavy scent. I also don’t know if it helps with wrinkles, but my skin definitely looks younger and healthier.

| Garnier Miracle Eye cream |
This is also the anti-ageing eye cream that transforms, awakens and illuminates the look of skin around the eyes. This eye cream works very well as a concealer. It helps me with those blue circles under my eyes and makes me look more awake. The cream smooths on really easily, doesn't feel greasy and absorbs well. It’s not my favorite eye cream, I like using those simple ones, without the color, cause when I do my makeup I like to use other products to conceal my under eye area. But this product is budget friendly and you can get two products in one tube – an eye cream and a concealer. So it’s definitely worth buying.
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| Youthful Radiance Caffeine Eye Roll-on |
It’s a perfect solution against tired looking eyes. It has a refreshing effect and visibly reduces the appearance of bags beneath the eyes. It’s a clear gel like liquid. I like the cooling effect of the metallic roller ball, which feels really nice when I use this in the morning. It doesn’t help me to fight with the under eye circles, but it definitely help me with the puffiness. Overall, I like this product a lot and it's not the first time I'm using it, that's why I included it in this mini review.=)

Hair care: Herbal Essences

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Hi lovelies,

Hope you had an amazing Easter holiday! I had a little bit time to relax and pamper myself. Also I have started to use Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioners. We don’t have this brand in Lithuania, so I found and bought some when I was living in Berlin. I started to use them just recently and I can see that my hair really loves it. I use them as a combination. If I wash my hair with hello hydration shampoo, then I also use the conditioner from the same line. And I also like to switch them every time I wash my hair, for example: if today I used hello hydration, then other time when I’ll wash my hair I’ll use naked shine line. I’ll try my best to discuss each line, but I have to say that they both are amazing.
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| Herbal Essences Hello Hydration moisturising shampoo and conditioner |
The description says that this shampoo and conditioner formula is fused with extracts of creamy coconut and orchid flower and it leaves your hair soft, smooth, moisturised and weightless. It’s a saviour for my dry and damaged hair. Of course, I am most guilty, because I blow dry and straighten my hair every other day when I wash my hair. This line also smells amazing. As you probably already know I’m in love with vanilla scent, but I also love everything what smells like coconut! This combination also takes care of the frizz very well and it’s a good substitute for some of the more expensive shampoos and conditioners that gives the same result.
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| Herbal Essences Naked Shine – shine shampoo and conditioner |
The products from this line are without silicones, parabens and dyes (actually all lines are without this bad stuff). It cleans your hair and adds a little bit of healthy shine. These products formula is fused with white tea and mint extracts. It has a nice, fresh and not overpowering smell. I was looking for a great clarifying shampoo for a long time and I finally found one. It removes build up very well, but I would not recommend using clarifying shampoo every day, because that could be very drying and strip necessary lipids out of your hair.
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If I would have to choose between these two lines, I will probably choose Hello Hydration line, but as I said before, all products that I mentioned here is great. 

Have you tried something from Herbal Essences? Did you like it? Tell me in the comments.=)

Have a nice week, girls. Xoxo.

My personal PLANNER

Hi lovelies,

Hello again! It seems that recently I have a lot to talk about and to share with you girls. Today’s post is not about beauty stuff, it’s related with planning your everyday life.

Do you like to plan things? I love to plan, take notes and for that case, I always want to find amazing planners, cause those simple ones are boooring, aren’t they? Anyway, some time ago, I mean about half a year ago (time is running out so fast!), I participated in the giveaway on PinkChickClaire blog. (By the way! check her blog, she’s amazing) I was lucky enough to win this planner from On this site you can customize and create your own planner, so I made collages with these cute pictures on front and back covers. I love this idea, because you can personalize your planner, make it look the way you want and nobody will have the same one as you have. You can put any picture you like, it can be your picture, or your boyfriend, or your dog. Anyway, there are a lot of options. You can also choose a style from designs that are already prepared by the team of personal

And this is my personal planner. What do you think?
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Thank you for reading girls! See you later. Xoxo.