OOTD: Black and Leopard print

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Hi lovelies,

How is your Sunday so far? I hope it's great! Sadly, there is not a single drop of the sun here in Berlin. Here are the photos of my outfit that I wore yesterday. I hope you'll like it and thanks for stopping by.


 ǀ Scarf: Zara (similar here and here) ǀ
ǀ Top: Takko fashion (similar here) ǀ
ǀ Jeans: New Yorker (similar here) ǀ
ǀ Blazer: Reserved (similar here) ǀ
ǀ Shoes: Luciana de Luca black scalloped flats (similar here) ǀ
ǀ Handbag: David Jones (similar here) ǀ

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Lush Haul

Hi lovelies,

I did a little bit of shopping yesterday, yay! This time I bought not a lot of things, but I'm very excited, because I bought Lush products for the first time. I guess I sound crazy, yes? I mean you probably are thinking how that happened and why I have not tried these products before, when they are so popular and every beauty blogger use them?! Well, in my defense I should say that we don't have Lush shops in Lithuania. Well we do, but just in the capital of Lithuania and I don't live there. So until now I could only dream about trying these amazing Lush products. Luckily, Berliners have Lush shops. That is where I went yesterday. I bought just two things - Rehab Shampoo, because I used up mine and I also wanted to try this bubble gum lip scrub, cause all beauty bloggers are raving about it. I tried it already and I was not disappointed.

About these products (info from Lush website + my personal opinion)

Lush Rehab Shampoo:  Bleach, dye, styling products and heat can really take a toll on your hair's health. Treat your damaged hair to some serious recovery time in the shower with Rehab shampoo. Rehab is about bringing your hair and scalp back to life and repairing it with an array of nutritious ingredients. A blend of fresh citrus juices clarify hair and scalp with active enzymes, while herbs work their magic on tired scalps. It doesn't take long for this shampoo to restore your hair's vitality! (I used it just once yet and I didn't feel the difference, but probably because my hair is very damaged from straightening it, so I guess it takes time)

Lush Bubble gum lip scrub: Our sweetest confection exfoliates lips smooth, prepping them for your favorite lip color or balm. A blend of exfoliating Fair Trade sugar and moisturizing jojoba oil, this lip scrub is sure to leave your lips enticingly soft and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time! Scrub Bubblegum over your lips (be sure to lick off the excess) and then apply your favorite lip color for a flawless finish. (The smell is amazing and my lips felt really smooth after using this lip scrub)
I think I'm getting addicted with Lush products. I love that they are made from fresh ingredients, handmade and that they do not test any of their products on animals.

What's your favorite product from Lush? Let me know in the comments.

Fall inspiration

Hi lovelies,

Happy Sunday! Do you already live in the autumnal mood? I do, even if it's still summer, well we have just one week of summer left. The weather here in Berlin is not very summery anymore. Sun is still shining over the clouds sometimes, but it's really windy and rainy, the leaves are falling very quickly now. So autumn is coming, but there is no need to be sad about it, yes? There are so many things which I love about autumn. I could wear my fuzzy socks again to keep my feet's warm, on cold fall evenings I will wrap myself in the blanket, watch some good movies and drink coffee or hot chocolate. I like those kind of evenings a lot. Also that means that we could switch light summer dresses into warm coats and knit sweaters. I even picked out these gorgeous pictures that keep me very excited for the fall. I hope it will also inspire you to wait for this amazing season!

P.S. Tell me in the comments what you like or don't like about fall. See you soon!

Liebster Awards

Hello! I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by unbreakableteens.
This is a tag for new bloggers with under 200 followers! It works by you answering 11 questions the previous person has asked you and then you asking 11 questions to another 11 bloggers.
Thank you!

Questions by unbreakableteens:

1. What is your favorite hobby?
Wow, it's a hard question, cause I have a lot of  hobbies. I like to dance, draw, photograph. And I also think that being interested in fashion and beauty also counts as a hobby.
2. Do you have a crush?
Are we talking here about boys? If we are, then yes, I have a boyfriend for almost two years now.

3. Would you rather have hiccups for the rest of your life or feel like you need to sneeze but you can't?
Oh no, no hiccups please! I don't like that feeling! So I go for not being able to sneeze.

4. What is your dream career?
I am still trying to figure it out. I have a lawyer degree, but I have a huge passion for design. Funny, huh? So next year I will try to join design studies.

5. What is your age?
I am 23 years old, but I still feel like 18 years old.

6. Role model?
If we are talking about fashion then my role model would be Lauren Conrad. I like her style a lot.

7. Who or what inspires your blog?
I think my blog inspires my love for photography, clothes and beauty products.
8. Best foundation you have ever used?

Instead of using foundations I use BB creams. (Now I'm using Garnier BB cream in light)
9. UK or USA?
I can't decide. I want to visit both countries. I never been there.

10. Favorite bands?
I don't have my favorite band, but I have a lot of favorite singers, like - John Mayer, Jason Mraz and so on.

11. Most embarrassing moment in your life?
I'm sure there was a lot of embarrassing moments in my life, but sadly at this moment I can't remember any of them.

Nominated Bloggers:
- Renewing The Black
- Cloud Belle
- Your BubblyButterfly
- Becky Farrow
- ofmymemories

The rules:
 Link back to the person who tagged you in your post
Answer every question
Tag 5-11 other bloggers
Create 11 questions for them to answer.

Answer every question
Tag 5-11 other bloggers
Create 11 questions for them to answer.

My Questions for you:
1. Why did you start your blog?
2. What is your favorite quote?
3. If you had to choose from not eating sweets for a month or not going shopping for a week, which would you choose?
4. What 3 beauty products could you not live without?
5. What is your age?     
6. Three favorite online shopping websites.
7. What is the story behind your blog name?
8. Top three favorite blogs/bloggers.
9. If you could travel anywhere in the world and money was no object, where would you go? Why?
10. Favorite singers?
11. Do you have any pets?


What's in my Makeup Bag?

So today I decided to share with you and show what lies in my makeup bag. Personally I'm very curious and absolutely love to find out what people keep in their beauty bags, I love to read and to watch any type of ‘what’s in my…?’ post/video. So I hope you'll enjoy it too.
So here is the stuff that fits in my makeup bag. I like to think that I don't have a lot of makeup products, especially comparing with other girls. I actually don't like to have a lot of makeup. The reason is that I feel bad when I buy a product and I don't use it or when a product expires and it was not used at all, also it's a waste of money. When I am buying makeup I'm very cautious, I think twice before I buy something and I also buy products which have good recommendations. Google is my best friend in this case.

1. Iwostin Purritin concealing corrector for oily and acne-prone skin - conceals and reduces acne lesions, limits bacterial proliferation. I use it as a spot treatment for pimples.
2. Garnier BB cream (light) - I don't use this BB cream in summer, cause in summer my skin tends to be a little bit oily, but it is a perfect product for me in fall and winter.
3. Essence Ballerina Backstage eye soufflé (02 Pas Des Copper) - I don't have a lot of eye shadows, cause I don't use them on a daily basis, but when i do want to change my look a little bit, then i grab this eye soufflé. This color is really gorgeous and it also have a little bit of shimmer.
4. Estée Lauder perfume Pleasures - I got this mini perfume as a freebie and I keep this in my makeup bag, you know, to freshen up myself when i need it. And this is how they are described: Pleasures is a rich bouquet of fresh flowers after the rain, which is designed to suit "every woman in every season and at every moment". It is a delightful sheer floral created from delicate lilies and peonies, elegant jasmine and exotic Karo-Karounde blossoms, all tingling with the rare essence of exotic Baie Rose. Pleasures reflects a modern woman's desire to experience life's little pleasures every day. 
5. IKOS Egyptische Erde (naturelle) - I have been using this bronzer since i was 15 years old. I always repurchase it, so you can say it's an ultimate favorite of mine. Also this IKOS bronzer last for a really long time, cause you don't need a lot. A little bit of this product goes a long way.
6. NYX Concealer Wand (light) - it is also my favorite product and I always repurchase it. It covers under eye circles like nobody's business. 
7. Avon ideal flawless pressed powder (fair) - It does a pretty great job. There is nothing bad I could say about this product. It suits my skin very well.

1. Maybelline Volum'Express The Rocket Mascara (black) - one of the best Maybelline mascara's.
2. Lancome Hypnose Mascara (black) - got this as a present and I really love it. It's also one of my favorites. My lashes look incredibly beautiful when I use this mascara.
3. Prestige waterproof automatic eyeliner (Blackest Black) - it is not the most popular makeup brand out there, but trust me this eyeliner is great. This brand is from Germany and all Germany stuff have great quality.

As you can see most of my makeup products are lip products: lipsticks, lip balms and so on... so I have to make a confession here...I'm obsessed with lip products.

1. Nivea lip butter (Caramel Cream) - feels amazing on lips and the smell is really tasty.
2. Nivea milk and honey lip balm - also does a great job. Lips feel very soft and are ready to be kissed. Both Nivea lip butter and Nivea milk and honey lip balm are essential for winter, when your lips are chapped and you need to rescue them.
3. Possibility raspberry pavlova lip balm - smells great.
4. Uoga Uoga Freshhand sweet lip balm - it's a brand from Lithuania. Their products are all hand made and all natural.
5. Loréal Paris lipstick (301 Dating Coral) - perfect coral lipstick.
6. Soap and Glory sexy mother pucker extreme-plump lip gloss- I think they have only one color, cause there is no name on this lip gloss. It's one of those lip plumping glosses, so when you put it on your lips you can feel little tingles.
7. Manhattan perfect creamy and care lipstick (34N) - orange lipstick. I don't use that a lot. I think orange is just not my color.
8. Avon color trend lipstick (Berry Blissful) - burgundy red color. I wear this for special occasions.
9. Maybelline color whisper lipstick (Rose of attraction) - perfect pink lipstick with a little bit of glitter.
10. Wet n Wild Natural Blend Lip Shimmer (106) - very pigmented, but not long lasting.

What's in your makeup bag? Tell me in the comments! If you have any questions about the products that I use, please ask! I would also love to hear your suggestions if you have any recommendations.

Starting my blog

Hi there,

Welcome to my blog! I am really happy to see you here! You are probably wondering what this blog is about? Well, it's about beauty, fashion, design and also about my lifestyle. This is a freshly created blog, which I hope you will like.

Why I decided to create a blog? This was not an easy decision taken in one day. I was thinking about creating a blog for a year, always dreamed about writing it but I was not very confident in myself, I always thought and doubted if I can do this, if I will be able to keep up with my blog, because I studied Law at the university and my schedule was very busy. And you probably know that Law is not the easiest subject to study. So I did not wanted to start something and then drop it for some reason. But know I graduated my studies and I feel much more confident in myself and that I can do it.

By the way, recently I read an article about blogs and I found out that a new blog is created somewhere in the world every half a second. Also there are over 152,000,000 blogs on the internet! Can you imagine??? My blog is just a tiny part in this blog community. So wish me good luck! Constructive criticism and recommendations are always welcome!


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