Skin Care: Bioderma

 Hi lovelies,

Another week just passed and today I’m here with another blog post, which is dedicated to skin care. Today’s post is only about products by BIODERMA. Probably every girl know this brand, recently their micellar waters became very popular. I also jumped in this wagon and tried not only these popular products, but some others too. So, today I decided to share my opinion with you guys and also you will be able to see how I take care of my skin every day.

My skin is a very incomprehensible creature. Some patches of my face are dry (cheeks), some are oily (forehead). In summer my whole face become oily and in winter it becomes dry and sensitive. Also from time to time some pimples show up on my face and my skin tone is not even, there are some redness. I would like to say that I have a combined skin, so I use different products to deal with different issues.

| Bioderma Sébium Gel moussant for oily and blemished skin |
It’s a purifying gel that gently cleanses and prevents blemishes. It also keeps pores from becoming clogged. The best thing that I love about this cleanser - it is soap free, so it doesn’t irritate or dry my face. I’ve been using all kinds of micellar water from different brands and Bioderma is the best one hands down. It gets really foamy and makes my skin feel so clean and refreshed after. I did also find that it regulated my oil, so I'm seeing a reduction of oil in my oily patches and I love it. I use this as my evening and sometimes as morning cleanser.

(Quick advice: You only need to wash your face with lukewarm water, because too hot or too cold water can cause cracking of blood vessels, which may result in facial redness.)

| Bioderma Sébium H2O for oily and blemished skin |
It’s a cleansing and makeup removing water that gently purifies for combined or oily skin. This water does a great job without drying out the skin. After using this product, my skin feels fresh and clean. Now my skin looks a lot better, it prevents my face from breaking out.

| Bioderma Sensibio H2O AR for sensitive skin |
It’s a cleansing and makeup removing water for sensitive skin that helps reduce redness. In the description it says, that this water biologically reduces and prevents redness, cleanses and remove makeup from your face and eyes and you don’t have to rinse it. It is also fragrance, paraben and alcohol free formula.
P.S. I don’t use both micellar waters at the same time. For example: in the morning I use Sensibio H2O AR and in the evening I use Sébium H2O, because my skin tends to become oilier in the evening.

| Bioderma Sensibio AR for sensitive skin |
This is a daily cream for sensitive skin that reduces and prevents redness. This cream also soothes and moisturizes your skin and it also works as a great makeup base. Its green iridescent pearls naturally reduce redness. It’s a perfect daily cream. You can use it everyday in the morning and in the evening.

After using all these products from Bioderma, I noticed a big change in my skin. I have less pimples; my redness and uneven skin tone became less visible. In general, I love these products from Bioderma and I’m willing to try their other products too. Tell me in the comments what are your thoughts about this brand? Have your tried their products? Do you love it?

Have a nice week, girls! Xoxo.

Nails ready for Spring: L’Oreal Colour Riche

Hi lovelies,

Happy Tuesday! It was a very sunny and warm day today here in Vilnius and I feel happy, I was going home from my practice and I was smiling(and I don’t care if people thought that I’m weird). Probably, it’s because the spring is here. I mean it’s spring for a long time now, but I only started to feel it today.
Because of that, I decided to do a little blog post about L’Oreal nail polishes, that I bought at the beginning of March. I was looking for shades that would be suitable for spring. For this time of the year, I like very clean and very subtile pastel colors.


I bought two shades from L’Oreal Color Riche line. It’s in 205 Rose Bagatelle (nude) and 857 Chantilly Lace (white). They both have a glossy finish, which gives a very nice, soft look for my nails. These colors look amazing when you’re tanned too.


The brush is dense and broad with pinched sides and the tip of the brush is curved, but it doesn’t affect application, it’s actually very convenient and easy to use.


The nude one is a little bit easier to use, you can put one layer and you are good to go. I can’t say the same thing about the white shade, one coat is not enough, but it’s the same with other brands too. But if you know a good white nail polish, let me know, girls!


I was amazed by how long this nail polishes lasted on my nails. They wore well with no chipping for about 7 days. Big plus!
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So, girls, write in the comments your nail polish suggestions for the spring! I am looking forward to add some new shades to my collection. I also hope that you liked this post. Have a nice week everyone! Xoxo.


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Hi lovelies,

How was your week? I had a really busy one, I just started to practice law (I didn’t want to, but I felt like I have to do it, because my blog is still very tiny and I really need some more activity. P.s. I’m still writing my blog! It’s my baby and I love writing here), so I don’t have a lot of time on workdays. But today I managed to write this blog post, that I was planning to write for the longest time. I hope you’ll like it.

So today’s post is about KIKO MILANO makeup products. I have written blog posts about this brand before; it was about their nail polishes that I really loved (you can find this post here). This brand makes great quality products and their prices are very affordable. I bought some makeup to test it out and I really loved them all. Now I will review each product separately.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic | KIKO MILANO Golden Game sculpting bronzer in 02 Precious Sienna |

This bronzer is from fall/winter 2014 collection, you can buy it even cheaper now for 6.00 £. It’s bronzer and highlighter palette duo. There are two shades to choose from. It’s also hypoallergenic and paraben free, so your skin will be happy about it.

What it says in the description: The bronzer's ultra-fine texture ensures an even application, and is easy to blend, helping to define the areas of shadow on your face in order to accentuate your features. The ethereal highlighter can be used to create strategic points of light on your face. 

This palette is amazing for those girls who just started to play with sculpting and bronzing techniques. You have everything you need in one palette. The packaging of this palette is also amazing, isn’t it?

| KIKO MILANO Eye base primer |

Eye base primer is a must in every girl’s makeup bag. I love this one, because it’s also paraben and fragrance free, so it doesn’t irritate your eyes.

What it says in the description: A creamy texture made from a smoothing and matifying powder base. This supports the application and the fixing of the eye shadow, making it extra long lasting over time. Its light pigmentation neutralizes the tone of your eyelids emphasizing the resulting eye shadow color.
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| KIKO MILANO Velvet Mat – Satin lipstick in 613 Pink Carnation |
This lipstick has a very beautiful design, if you will be in their store definitely check these lipsticks out.

What it says in the description: The evolution of mat lipstick: an ultra-silky, virtually "weightless" texture that unveils unexpected moisturizing and soothing qualities in an opaque and infinitely velvety finish. Light and comfortable, thanks to the exclusive high-melting waxes; Velvet Mat caresses your lips with impeccable high pigmentation color for a high coverage effect.

It’s definitely the most comfortable lipstick to wear, but I have to say that the finish is not fully matte. When I am wearing this lipstick my lips feels very moisturized, soft and smooth. I love that feeling.
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| KIKO MILANO Smart lipsticks in 915 Mauve and 918 Classic Rose |

Very pocket friendly, but still amazing lipsticks. Oh, and they smell like vanilla (high five, if you are obsessed with vanilla like me).

What it says in the description: Dense, nourishing texture with an ultra-silky and immediate smooth-gliding quality. The extreme sensoriality and soft consistency enhance the application experience and the resulting feeling of comfort. The combination of cutting-edge ingredients in the formula makes the texture comfortable, velvety and emollient. The extremely radiant polymers guarantee a pure, radiant effect, while the delicate vanilla fragrance makes it pleasant to use.

The description says the true. These lipsticks not only smell like heaven, but they also glide on my lips very easily. After that my lips are soft and have a beautiful intense color.

All these products are truly amazing, if you use something from KIKO, let me know! Thank you girls for reading! Have a nice upcoming week!