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So this week I stopped by the L’occitane shop and they have some amazing deals right now. I decided to spoil myself a little bit and picked up some nice items that I don’t really needed that much, but it’s really nice to have a nice smelling perfume and a good hand crème, well in this case, three mini hand cremes.
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| L’occitane en provence Arlésienne Eau de Toilette 8 ml |

What it says in the description: "Arlésienne, the feminine fusion of three flowers. Feminine and gracious, she embodies the beauty of Provence. Free and mysterious, she is a unique alchemy of colors and fabrics. Elusive and attractive, she leaves in her wake a unique trail that lingers wherever she goes. L’Occitane reveals her in a subtle bouquet of three flowers: the rose for her grace, the sweet violet for her mystery and the saffron for her temperament. Contains extracts of rose from Grasse, sweet violet and saffron from Provence."

I love love the smell in this little cute bottle. It really smells like flowers, but in a good way. It’s not too overpowering and that’s the reason why I decided to bought it, because I am not a girl, who likes florally scents. I like more fruity perfumes. I also wanted a scent that would be perfect for fall and you probably think that florally scents are more suitable for spring and summer, but actually this scent is quite warm, it makes you feel cozy, so I think it's perfect for all seasons. I use it on my wrists and on my neck. The lasting power is also good, I can feel it almost everyday, especially when I move my arms. And the bottle looks heavenly with this pattern of little flowers. You can find Arlésienne here.
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| Set of three hand creams 3 x 10ml |

All of these hand creams contains shea butter (20 %). These hand creams helps to protect, nourish and soften the hands. The pink one smells like roses, the yellow one – like vanilla, and the silver blue one – is a traditional, their best selling and award winning hand cream which doesn’t have a scent, but works really amazing. I tried once the blue one and I remember loving it, so I am sure that I will love other two too. And they come with a little cute container, where you can keep all three of them.
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I also got two testers of two different products. The firs tone is – Hydra Vital face cream, which suppose to hydrate your skin. The other one - Ultra Matte fluid for face, which really works, it makes your skin matte but soft at the same time, really liked this one, but actually you can never go wrong by choosing L'occitane products. They all are amazing and high quality products. That's why I love this particular brand. It also makes me feel like a French girl.
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Thank you for reading girls! Have a nice upcoming weekend!

Cozy fall essentials

So sadly, summer is over here in Lithuania and within the first days of fall it started to get colder and colder, and also it’s raining a lot. On those rainy days I just don’t want to do anything, just stay in my warm bed, so I decided to do a little list of things that helps me to feel cozy while I am laying in bed or when I’m getting ready for a bedtime. It’s actually like a little bedtime routine for me that help me to relax and unwind after a long day at work.
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Before getting in bed I like to make sure that my body is moisturised, for that purpose I like to use The body shop chocomania body butter, which as I know is discontinued, sadly, cause it smells so amazing! The smell of chocolate is one of my favourite, especially during fall time.
Also, I like to use Essence 24h hand protection balm on my hands, which also smells yummy – like vanilla and cinnamon. It’s also very very moisturising, I know that you suppose to use it on your hands, but sometimes I even use it on my feet’s, and it really softens them.

Of course I have to make some Caramel Latte for myself and sometimes I like to light a scented candle that sits on my bedside table. The one you see right one is from H&M and it’s called Crisp Cotton, it a very strong, but yet clean and fresh scent that reminds me of fresh laundries.

I also love to listen to the music while I’m trying to fall asleep, it really helps me to relax. My favourite song right now is by the Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather.

I am always cold during those colder seasons, so I have to make sure that I have a blanket on my bed. And I like to wear fuzzy socks while I am sleeping.
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Also the bedding is very important thing for me. It creates that coziness in my room. The one you see right one is from ikea, but I am in love with sateen beddings. It looks very luxurious. You can find some amazing sateen beddings right here. I have been eyeing them a lot. I am also very amazed by this particular brand, cause they partnered with Nothing But Nets, a global, grassroots campaign created by the United Nations Foundation to prevent malaria, a leading killer of children in sub-Saharan Africa. So For every Venice set sold, this brand called Parachute has committed to sending one life-saving bed net for children in Africa. Isn’t that amazing? I mean I really appreciate that idea that this brand has.

So that's it for today girls.
Thank you for reading and goodnight!=)
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Cozy fall essentials