May favorites

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Hi lovelies! Hope your weekend was great!=) As you can see today's post includes products that I really loved this month. I'm a little bit late with this post, but I hope you'll still like it. Let me know in the comments what were your favourites this past month?
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| Labello Lip Butter Raspberry Rose |
I love the smell of this lip balm, you really feel like you want to eat it and it has a cute package! As a lip balm it does the job, my lips feel smooth after using it. I also love raspberries=).
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| Barry M Natural shadow and blush glow palette |
This palette contains six eye shadows and a pink blush. The colours of eyeshadows are very beautiful and natural, perfect for everyday and evening looks. It's a handy palette if you are a beginner in this make up world. The colours are nicely pigmented and you have a nice variety of colours to choose from. This month I mostly used only the lightest shades, cause now I'm into that "no make-up look", which supposed to be very natural, but you are still wearing make-up.
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| Maybelline Baby lips electro berry bomb lip balm |
My favourite lip colour of this month! Seriously! It gives a nice purple glow for my lips, it's not too much, I don't look like zombie. The colour is showing just a little bit, but I love it. This month I wore a lot of purple clothes, so this lip balm matched my outfits very well.
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| Maybelline Fit me foundation in 220 |
Loving this foundation. It gives my skin that glowy, dewy look. It's very lightweight, but gives me a medium coverage, also evens out and blends with my skin tone very well.

| NYX above and beyond full coverage concealer in Porcelain | 
In my previous monthly favourites I raved about NYX HD concealer wand, I still love it, but I think this concealer is even better. It's a plus that this product is in a jar, so you can use all of it, it's more practical I think. Also it conceals my dark circles very well.

| Batiste XXL volume dry shampoo | 
My favourite dry shampoo of all time. I tried different batiste dry shampoo's and this one was my favourite. It sucks out all the oiliness from your hair and also gives a lot of volume, so your hair looks like already washed and blow-dried.
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Summer is here!

Hi girls! This blog post I want to dedicate for summer, which just already started! In Lithuania summery weather starts mostly with the beginning of June, sadly, but even in summer time we have cold and rainy days.  And when I think about the fact that we have only three months of summer, I start to feel kind of sad. I wish I could live in L.A and enjoy summer time longer....Anyways, because it is summer now, I decided to make a must have list for this season, which you can find at the end of this post. There are lots of amazing items, that I would like to purchase myself. Also I found some beautiful inspirational pictures and really wanted to share them with you girls. I also think that on those rainy days, these pictures will set the better mood for me and maybe for you too. Don't get me wrong, I love rain, I love the sound of it, but I love sunny days even  more.=)


Pretty Pastels: H&M home decor wishlist

H&M home decor wishlist

Happy Saturday girls! On Wednesday I went to H&M, mainly because I had no better things to do. I was actually looking for summer clothes, but I also stopped by their Home section and I was so amazed by everything. I really found many items that I wanted to buy and to find a place for them in my home, so I decided to create a wishlist of things that I liked the most. I also have to admit that I'm a little obsessed with decorative things. Aren't they pretty?

№. 12 - H&M metal tray
№. 13 - H&M glass jar

TREND: Girls in white dresses

Hey, it’s the first official day of summer, June 1st! Are you excited for summer? I hope that the weather will be great all summer and also I wish you all to have a great summer, full of new adventures and experiences.

Summer just started and I was searching the Internet and trying to find some perfect dresses for this season. As you probably already know, this summer we have a trend, which is called: little white dress. So this summer is all about white dresses and not only about them, in general white color is very popular this season. So if I am going to buy a white dress I want to know how I can style it and wear it. Because of that I was also searching for styling inspiration and these are the pictures that inspired me the most and I liked them very much. Hope you’ll like it too!
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More cute dresses...