My personal PLANNER

Hi lovelies,

Hello again! It seems that recently I have a lot to talk about and to share with you girls. Today’s post is not about beauty stuff, it’s related with planning your everyday life.

Do you like to plan things? I love to plan, take notes and for that case, I always want to find amazing planners, cause those simple ones are boooring, aren’t they? Anyway, some time ago, I mean about half a year ago (time is running out so fast!), I participated in the giveaway on PinkChickClaire blog. (By the way! check her blog, she’s amazing) I was lucky enough to win this planner from On this site you can customize and create your own planner, so I made collages with these cute pictures on front and back covers. I love this idea, because you can personalize your planner, make it look the way you want and nobody will have the same one as you have. You can put any picture you like, it can be your picture, or your boyfriend, or your dog. Anyway, there are a lot of options. You can also choose a style from designs that are already prepared by the team of personal

And this is my personal planner. What do you think?
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Thank you for reading girls! See you later. Xoxo.


  1. Aww honey! I've just seen this post - I'm thrilled that you won my giveaway and your planner is better than my own!! Such a lovely thing for your to say in the beginning of your post. Enjoy the planner - I'm addicted to mine. Much Love xxxxx

  2. This is so lovely! Congratulations on winning!