My workout routine

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So today I decided to share my daily workout routine with you. Bikini season is already over, but I still want to get in shape. Unfortunately, I was very lazy this summer and in spring I was too busy to workout, that's why this summer I was not happy with my body and I was sooo not ready for this bikini season.
I'm not a big sport fanatic too. Doing workouts at home was always a failure for me. Usually my willingness to exercise and my motivation ends very quickly. So to avoid that I always go to the gym. It's different, because you get up in the morning and you think that you must go to the gym, because you paid for the full month ahead and you don't want to waste that money.
The last time when I was at the gym was about half a year ago. Because I was not working out I gained a little bit of weight, not a lot, like 3 pounds, but these 3 pounds makes a huge difference for me, cause I don't feel very comfortable. So this time I decided to start working out at home again and I want to take it seriously. My first step was google. I searched for various workout moves, I tried every one of them to see which one are great for me, which one I like or dislike. So as you can see by doing this I created this workout plan. I promised myself to be devoted and to do this workout every day, except for weekends, cause your body needs to rest a little bit. I am doing this workout routine for a couple of weeks now and I feel great. I am also thinking that I need to start running again, but firstly I need to buy a good pair of running shoes.

Things to know about this workout:

♥ Make sure you stretch before and after this workout to prevent an injury. 
♥ You can increase the number and time of each move. I created this plan just for a start, it's like the easiest as it can be.
♥ I borrowed some moves from Tone it up, you can find it here (moves: scissor crunch; starfish crunch; total side slimmers; tummy tucks; burpees). You can see how they do it!
♥ Eat lean, healthy protein right after working out. This way you will maximize your energy and rebuild your muscles. (find out what to eat here)

Let me know if you are going to try this workout?

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