Mallorca Haul

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If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may probably already know, that I have been on holiday in Mallorca. I had a really great time and fell in love with this beautiful island. 
 photo DSC_0539 copy_zpsryam4737.jpg  photo DSC_0576 copy_zpstpzayftl.jpg  photo DSC_0600 copy_zpszd4yukbp.jpg Of course, when I come to other country, I try to look for beauty products, which we do not have in Lithuania. The one and only thing that I really wanted to find this time was Jo Malone cologne. I knew that there was Jo Malone shop in Palma (Mallorca's capital), but I didn't have enough time to search for it, because we lived in another city called Palmanova. So I was pretty sad about it, but I found a Jo Malone counter at the airport, when we were about to fly back home. Can you imagine how happy I was about it? I took a sniff of all the colognes and decided to buy BLUE AGAVA AND CACAO. Because summer is almost over, I though there is no point in buying light citrusy colognes and the one that I picked is perfect for fall. It has a floral scent, but it's pretty heavy, because it has cacao, cinnamon, vetiver and musk in it too. So I am very happy that I finally purchased a scent from Jo Malone, because every blogger is raving about them.
 photo DSC_0559 copy_zps2rxlbyzv.jpg  photo DSC_0562 copy_zpshhrs3jkp.jpg  photo DSC_0571 copy_zps4gac6qi0.jpg  photo DSC_0622 copy_zpsmbfyvrpc.jpg Another great purchase was this beautiful bracelet with pearls from Majorica. Actually my fiance bought it for me as a gift, that was very sweet of him. 
Majorica is a well know brand in Mallorca. The Majorica pearl is made of an opaline crystal nucleus coated in multiple fine layers with the “pearl essence”, an extract obtained from the Majorica secret processing technique of natural organic elements of the Mediterranean Sea. Its complex formula reproduces the iridescence, beauty, resistance and perfection of the finest natural pearls. I fell in love with this bracelet as soon as I saw it. Isn't it beautiful?

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