Top 5 nail polishes this summer

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Hi ladies! Today's blogpost is about nail polishes. It's the middle of the summer already and I really wanted to share with you, which nail polishes and colours are my favourite this summer. Somehow, unintentionally, all my favourite nail polishes are from Sally Hansen. In general, I really love Sally Hansen, their nail polishes are affordable and high quality.

So these are the colours that I love the most:

The colours of these nail polishes are bright and fun. It lasts about four days without chipping and all the colours lift my mood when I see them on my nails. Tell me in comments, which nail polishes are you favourite this summer?
 photo DSC_0423_zpsp46uym89.jpg  photo DSC_0452_zpsnmbt9czy.jpg  photo DSC_0439_zpsj2fcq8mu.jpg  photo DSC_0472_zpssuavmwkp.jpg

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