The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer review

Hello ladies! So, I recently bought my first highlighter from The Balm. It's a well known product and every blogger and youtuber is raving about it for a long time now and I feel like I am the only one who has not tested it yet. Also there are a lot of reviews about this product already, but I also wanted to share my opinion with you.

I have to say that I use highlighters mostly on spring and summer, when I have a little bit of fake or natural tan. I don't use it during colder months, because I am really pale and almost all highlighters that I love have that golden shimmer or sheen to it, which, in my opinion, looks great only on tanned skin. I could use fake tan during fall and winter, but I prefer not to do that, because I think it can be quite noticeable, also it can look weird and very unnatural. 

Mary-Lou Manizer is a soft, warm, shimmering champagne shade with gold notes. I don't find it to be the subtlest of highlighters, because it's very pigmented, you need just a little bit and you're good. I would say that it is suitable for all skin types. It glides on so easily, not cakey and gives a lovely dewy finish, you will definitely look like a goddess after using it. This will be my go to highlighter during spring and summer. The Balm also have other two shades that I also have on my wish list and I really want to try them, it's Cindy-Lou Manizer (the colour is more peachy) and Betty-Lou Manizer (darkest one). I linked all of them below, so you can check them if you want. Also tell me in comments what's your favourite highlighter at the moment?


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