Perfume wishlist for spring/summer

Hey ladies! I decided to share my ultimate perfume wish list for spring and summer. I know, that looks a lot, but recently I am all about finding new scents and perfumes. It's spring so you need to get some new perfumes, that smells light, clean and crispy, like a summer air.  I also don't have my signature scent, I like to try different ones all the time, that's why my wish list grows very fast. Also, youtube and other beauty bloggers do a lot of impact on me. I see people raving about perfumes that I never heard about (for example: Replica by Maison Martin Margiela and AERIN) or maybe never smelled before and because of this impact I would really like to try them all and have them in my collection. It is a little bit surreal, cause I will definitely not buy that many perfumes for myself, cause when I will use them all up?! But maybe you are looking for a good perfume too? so I hope this list will give you some inspiration and will help you to find your perfect scent for warm/hot seasons. 

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