In love: Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo

Happy Friday, ladies!!! Today's blog post is about my recent sneaky purchase. It's Jimmy Choo perfume.

Since 1996, Jimmy Choo has become an iconic luxury lifestyle brand defined by an empowered sense of glamour. A pioneer in the art of celebrity dressing, Jimmy Choo shoes and accessories have become a staple on Hollywood’s most recognized red carpets. Jimmy Choo Fragrances capture the sensuality, luxury, and style of the iconic shoes and handbags in a new must-have accessory that can be worn for any occasion.

An expression of the modern woman’s aura, this scent at once conveys strength and beauty, glamour and confidence. Luminous green top notes join a heart of rich and exotic tiger orchid and lingering base notes of sweet toffee and Indonesian patchouli to leave a sensual memory on the skin. For the bottle, the opulence of jewel-colored Venetian Murano glass inspired its faceted design. 

I love the scent of it. It's a very sweet, fruity and spicy scent, but it is also very warming, so I think it's perfect for fall and winter. Since winter is not over yet here in Lithuania, I still can wear it everyday. I also read that a lot of girls think that this perfume is very masculine, but I actually don't think so. For me, this scent is very sexy, feminine and seductive. I also like the snake pattern on the packaging and the staying power is also amazing. It stays all day and I can feel that scent even the other day on my clothes that I was wearing.

Green, Tiger Orchid, Toffee, Sensual Indonesian Patchouli

Feminine, Luxurious, Stylish


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