An Ode To Dry Shampoo

Hello girls! In today’s post I would like to review dry shampoos, which I have tried and I think I found the best dry shampoo ever! So I would like to share it with you girls! I hope it helps.

First of all, I think I have to mention that I use dry shampoo on a regular basis, like every other day, because I don’t like to wash my hair every day. It’s also not very good for your hair, because if you wash your hair everyday it can become even more oilier and we don’t want that, so in order to defeat the oiliness and greasiness in my hair I use dry shampoo.

A quick tip: if your dry shampoo doesn't give you enough volume, use it before bedtime and sleep with it. In the morning your hair will be fresh and not flat at all.

Let’s have a look at the shampoos that I already used up…

The first one and the best is by batiste. It is a dry shampoo which not only reduce oiliness, but also gives extra volume to your hair.  Like A LOT of volume! You can definitely feel that something is in your hair after you used it, but I love the volume that it gives. Your hair also smells nice and feels fresh.

The second favourite shampoo is not from popular brand, but it gives me similar effect like the one from batiste. The brand is called Herbina and it’s from Helsinki (Finland). Like I said it also meant to remove the oiliness from your hair and to give volume.
And the third one is also from batiste. This one smells really nice, but it only removes oiliness and after that my hair still remains flat and lifeless. So this one is my least favourite.


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  1. I love Batise dry shampoo, I couldn't live without it! x